01. The Client

As a proud Kentucky Realtor, Shannon not only brings a high level of knowledge and a wealth of experience to every transaction but she also brings the compassion and empathy that is needed for each client.  Her business is built on: Dedication, Communication, Determination, Privacy & Trust while demonstrating the ability to cater and adapt to all of her client’s Real Estate needs.

02. The Challenge

Shannon needed to break free from a cold and impersonal real estate site and bring her personality and approachability to the center. We wanted the tone of the site to match her style and reflect the clean and friendly process of partnering with her to purchase a home.

03. The Approach

We designed and tested every piece of communication, accompanying Shannon's growth and proposed different solutions to drive this growth up.

Art Direction

A geometric and robust typography was chosen to develop strong and reliable communication.

We selected colors that would create a blended tone of fresh minimal (Whites & grays), professional (Navy), & fun/personal (pink).


Chosen as the ultimate visual language to display real people and, thus, communicate Shannon's reliability.

04. The Results

Are you ready?  👉 Let’s work together!

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